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Bulk Maple Syrup
Bulk maple syrup:

Also packed hot, these stainless steel 34 gallon barrels are available for bulk sales. Contact us below for pricing.

Bottling Process:

All our maple syrup is packaged hot at 85 degrees celsius. We package in glass bottles as well as plastic jugs. Specialty containers can be filled upon request. 

250ml: $6

500ml: $10

1 Litre: $18

2 Litre: $32

4 Litre: $60



Every spring, from mid March and into April, the Conboy family (Mel, Joyce, Lindsay, and Clayton) has been producing maple syrup on the family farm, in a small village north of Sharbot Lake, Ontario, known as Oso. Many things have changed over the years, from horse drawn sap gathering techniques, to a high efficiency vacuum tubing system and from English tin syrup pans, to a stainless steel tig-welded high efficiency wood-fired evaporator. One thing that remains the same, however, is our commitment to providing our customers with the highest quality and best tasting maple syrup, that will make you go back for a second spoonful! 



Sharbot Lake, ON
Farm Location

Mel & Joyce Conboy

2379 Bell Line Road

Sharbot Lake, ON



Perth, ON
Maple Syrup Outlet Location

Clayton Conboy

2992 Tennyson Road

Perth, ON

K7H 3C8



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New sap storage tank 2017
New sap storage tank 2017
Mel firing the evaporator
Mel firing the evaporator
Joyce bottling 1 Litres
Joyce bottling 1 Litres
Sugar bush tour
Sugar bush tour

Clayton giving guided tours during Maple Weekend 2017